Vonhaus Mini Handheld Miter Saw Review

To give this review some context, while my occupation is not wood-working related; I am a DIY enthusiast, currently working on home improvement for myself and family/friends. I originally purchased the Vonhaus Mini Handheld Miter Saw to do small improvements to skirting boards around my house. However, since then – it has been used for a lot more once I realised how capable this little thing is.

Vonhaus Mini Handheld

In all honesty, it’s almost as capable as a full miter saw in terms of power, however it is nowhere near as accurate due to it being handheld, so don’t expect too much in terms of accuracy. I have found this tool to be excellent at nearly everything I threw at it. The best part is, if you don’t have a home workshop, it’s small enough to effortlessly store within a cupboard.

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When I original purchased this tool, I believed it would take a fair amount of time to cut through small amounts of skirting board, however – it simply slices through thin wood like a hot knife through butter. This is mainly due to the powerful, 4000rpm motor within this small miter saw.

All in all, it’s a great motor – it doesn’t noticeably heat up, even after prolonged periods of cutting, and doesn’t slow down after a while.


The Vonhaus Mini Handheld Saw was clearly designed with ergonomics in mind, and in all honesty, Vonhaus have done an excellent job. Even after using for hours and hours, you will not notice any cramping of your hands, or fatigue. It possesses an excellent ergonomic design, that is light and functional, allowing the tool to be used single handedly.


While housed in a small tool, the Vonhaus Mini Handheld Miter Saw still kicks out a fair amount of power, boasting the capability to cut metal, plasterboard, stone, along with the standard wood. I was pleasantly surprised when I released, just how capable this miter saw really is.

Laser Guidance System

Originally, when I purchased this tool. I did not realise that it came with an inbuilt laser guidance system. However, I was amazed when I found out – it makes using this tool much easier, and utilises the huge amount of productivity this tool can offer. It provides great results, and is bright enough for day to day work, along with providing amazing quality, precise cuts.

Vonhaus Mini Handheld Features and Specifications

  • 500W Motor
  • Ergonomic – Single Hand Design
  • 5cm Saw Blade
  • 3 Blades Included – 24 Tooth Blade, HSS Blade, along with a Diamond Blade.
  • Cutting Depth – 2.7cm
  • Product Size – 20 x 9.4 x 7.5  inches
  • Volts – 230
  • Item weight – 11.6 lbs.

Customer Reviews

The sturdy design of this tool is simply, revolutionary. I was expecting the motor, and the circular motion caused by the spinning blade to offset the balance of the tool, making it much harder to create precise cuts; however, this is not the case. Vonhaus have clearly spent a long time developing this tool, in order to make it the best they truly can – they have done an excellent job. This product has rated 3.5 stars out of 5. Let’s find out what customers have said about this product:

  • “For a beginner handyman, this saw enables me to actually get things done quickly and accurately. It’s a sturdy built tool that is readily portable and easily engaged without a lot of setup. I agree with other reviewers about the awkward safety mechanism, but I’m willing to adjust and keep my body parts in tact.”

  • “Nice saw, first had a minor weld defect but i liked it enough to give it another shot”

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If you are in the market for a miter saw, but a full size desktop miter saw is either out of budget, or you don’t have the room for it – the VonHausmiter saw is the next best tool. It simply glides through any task, and have a fairly competitive cutting depth, despite the overall size being small enough to fit in one hand, and be effortlessly used with only one hand. I thoroughly recommend this tool.

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