Evolution Rage3 Miter Saw Review

To give this review a little bit of context, I am a DIY enthusiast, working with various tools in order to restore furniture, along with home improvement, for myself and family/friends. I originally purchased the Evolution Rage 3 in order to make my own custom door frames for my house, my plan was to sell it on as barely used. However, I never bothered selling it on, due to the Evolution Rage 3 being one of the best miter saws I have ever used.

Evolution Rage3

The main reason I never sold my Evolution Rage 3 after improving my home, was due to its intuitiveness. It’s just so simple to use, yet it provides perfect, clean cuts, each and every time. I must also admit, the aesthetics of the tool are beautiful, and it will look the part in any home workshop, as this was a small reason that swayed me into keeping the Rage 3.

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Vertical Handle

The vertical handle is great, as it means regardless of whether you are left handed, right handed, or even ambidextrous you can use this tool with no problems, as the grip has not been designed for a certain hand. I found this especially useful, as I am right handed, however my friend did borrow the Rage 3 for a few days, and he is left handed – I asked him, and he had no problems using the miter saw, and nor did I. This is only a small feature, however it’s nice that the tool was clearly designed for everyone.


The motor powering the huge 255mm miter saw is a huge, power hungry 2000W and 15 Amp motor, this provides a huge amount of power, for even the toughest of cutting tasks. Another great thing about this motor is that, it doesn’t seem to heat up too much after extended use, even on a hot summer day.


The Rage 3 also has a great amount of versatility, with the capability to cut steel, aluminium and wood, along with wood with nails. However, while I have only used the Rage 3 for cutting wood, along with a few pieces of reclaimed timber with nails – it did this excellently. Just out of curiosity, I found a small length of 5mm steel to test the Rage 3’s capability, and it is definitely more than able to cut steel.

Laser Guidance System

The laser guidance system is currently one of the best on the market, out-performing all others. Most lasers aren’t bright enough to use within a sunny workplace, meaning accurate cuts are harder to achieve. However, the laser guidance system included with the Rage 3 is pure bliss, providing ample brightness for even the brightest of days, regardless of whether you are working inside or out.

Features and Specifications

  • 2000W/15 Amp Motor
  • Cross Cut Capacity = 300mm x 75mm
  • Laser Guidance System
  • Aluminium Base
  • 24 Tooth Blade

Customer Reviews

Overall, you cannot fault the build quality of this tool. With a weight of 20kg, it is on the heavier side, however it is one of the sturdiest machines I’ve ever seen, when moving the saw blade down, there is no wobble, allowing you to get 100% accuracy within your cuts. Let’s see what customers have said about this product.

  • “This thing does exactly what it says it does. Cuts unistrut way better then a chop saw. Highly recommended 5 stars”

  • “This saw worked great for getting through several relatively thick steel tubes I needed to cut. I was dubious about using this for cutting steel, but it had no issues.”

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I have nothing but good words about this miter saw, it is simply wonderful to use. The versatility and overall design, in regards to build quality and aesthetics, is simply wonderful. However, aesthetics aren’t everything, obviously, but the cut quality of this miter saw has set a high standard for other miter saws to catch up to. If you are in the market for a new compound miter saw, definitely look into the Evolution Rage 3.

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