Black & Decker Smart Select Jigsaw Review

I decided to go off on a whim, and eventually replace my old, slowly dying, jigsaw. I saw the Black & Decker Smart Select Jigsaw on offer, and thought – what’s the worst that could happen?

Black & Decker Smart Select

It’s safe to say, I was not disappointed… Instead, I was massively pleased with this tool! I mainly used it for small woodwork, balsa wood with the odd piece of hard wood – and it delivered an amazing performance, at a very competitive price.

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Smart Select

The Black & Decker Smart Select Jigsaw features patented technology, which automatically optimizes the jigsaw depending on what you are using it for – eliminating the need to manually optimize the tool before you begin cutting.

Variable Speed Dial

However, you can manually optimize the tool with the variable speed dial, which features a very generous range of 800rpm to 3000rpm, allowing the user to take it slow, and achieve the perfect cut; or alternatively crank up the speed for rough cuts.


This tool is hugely versatile, possessing the capability to cut metal, plastic and the standard wood. This is a great addition, which overall saves you money – as you won’t need to purchase another tool to cut metal. The tool also has the ability to make curved cuts, if you wish it to.


The motor within this jigsaw isn’t the most powerful, however it does still perform well. With a 5.0 Amp rating, it’s suitable for light work. However, it is extremely efficient – which allows you to still be able to cut metal, which many jigsaws with ratings as high as 7.0 Amps cannot. The motor delivers a maximum of 3,000rpm to the blade, allowing for ultimate cutting power.


The design of this tool is excellent, it’s rather chunky – but extremely ergonomic. With a partly rubberised handle, to dampen vibrations originating from the motor, along with ergonomic Smart Select dial placement, allowing you to change the mode mid cut using your thumb. I cannot express in words just how ergonomic the design of this tool is, it’s so simple and comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time.


The included blade is actually fairly good, it’s strong enough to cut through wood, metal and plastic without wearing down too quickly. However, it will need replacing regularly if the jigsaw is used in an industrial environment.

Another thing to note about the blade, is that the Black & Decker Smart Select Jigsaw features a tool-less blade changing mechanism, allowing for maximum productivity.

Black & Decker Smart Select Features and Specifications

  • 0 Amp Motor – (800 – 3000rpm)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Tool-less Blade Changing Mechanism
  • SmartSelect Technology
  • Product Size – 13.1 x 4.9 x 9.7 inches
  • Product weight – 5.8 pounds

Customer Reviews

While this tool is fairly large, it is amazingly built. It is one of the most solid jigsaws currently on the market, and feels sturdy and controlled, even when cutting metal. Even after extended use, the heat from the motor is not transferred to the handle, allowing for maximum cutting time. Here are some customer reviews:

  • “I am so happy that I chose this jigsaw I’m a beginner and as a woman it was very easy to control. My first cut out was easy but not perfect, I made a J, it had straight and curves.”

  • “Great small jig saw with very strong motor and great function. Well worth the price. I am very happy with it.”

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If you are looking for a new orbital jigsaw, I cannot recommend the Black & Decker Smart Select enough. The patented technology included within this tool, along with the excellent design all help to create the most enjoyable user experience.

The cutting quality of this tool is also a high quality, even when done quickly – blades can effortlessly be changed, which is especially important if the tool is used in an industrial environment.

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Black & Decker Smart Select
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