Rockwell RK3441K Circular Saw Review

As a professional contractor, I generally used to handle lots of work works. And so, a saw is an indispensible tool to me. But, I faced trouble because my saw was very heavy. However, later, one of my colleagues has recommended me to use Rockwell RK3441K. And now, I am satisfied with its function.

Rockwell RK3441K

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When you are looking for a compact and lightweight circular saw, there is possibly nothing better than Rockwell RK3441K. The weight of the machine will never pose any problem to you, as it is about 5lbs. The length of the machine is about 15.31 inches. Thus, if you like to accomplish your job with a light and small circular saw, the best option is offered only by Rockwell.

This model of Rockwell has the ability to cut the thing with only a simple pass. The machine is out fitted with a blade, and the dimension of this blade is nearly 4-1/2″. It can offer the highest depth of cut, which is of 1-11/16 inches.

The design of the blade seems to be for left-handed ones. And at forty five degree, the capacity of cutting is nearly1-1/8 inches. The adjustment of the depth of cutting can be done with the raising of the lever that adjusts lever. The plate at the bottom can be pushed down or up the depth adjustment lever and pushing the base plate up or down to the preferred deepness on a level.

The blade portion has 24 teeth, and this is sufficient for carrying out the general job. This is quite less than the breadth of the blades. In general, the blade with the thin-kerf saw gives quite low stress on motor system.

Blade changing option

One spindle lock switch is also there for the fast and simple change of the blade. This can keep the cutting edge away from getting turned. This does not, however, give the option for changing the blade in a keyless way. The hex key system is also incorporated in the package for altering the blade.

High power

Though the design of the machine is very compact, most of the customers have noticed that the linear compressed circular-shaped saw offers a serious level of power. In addition to this, it has the ability to deal with the 2″ small lumber resources. Running the machine at 120 Volt, the motor can take about 5 AMP. Moreover, the RPM of the device is nearly 3500. The length of the cord is about ten feet, and it offers the enough level of the motion.

Other mechanisms used in the machine

Another feature that is notable in the machine is that there is a guide, which assists you to make the straight and length rip cuts. Besides, the dirt extraction docks are also integrated with the system. Again, the vacuum adapter, attached to the system, is connected to the extraction passage. Link the port or docks to the cleaner in order to keep up the cleanliness of the work surface. The circular saw that is corded is included within the three-year’s warranty of Rockwell.

Rockwell RK3441K Features and Specifications

  • The length of the cord- about ten feet
  • The tooth of saw blade tooth- 24 TPI.
  • Warranty period- three
  • Slim knob for the simple grip
  • Port for extracting the dust and the vacuum cleaner for collecting the sawdust

Customer Reviews

  • “This saw fits the bill perfectly. It is incredibly easy to adjust and easy to operate one-handed. But I’m not a big fan of the lock location. It’s difficult for me to reach when using my left hand on the saw.”

  • “I love it. It’s like a worm drive circular saw only lighter. Looking down the left side to see the cut is the only way to go…it’s perfect.”

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It can be said especially the cutting power of Rockwell circular saw is really amazing. Besides, in terms of price and the performance, the tool is also incredible. The small design also enables you to handle the device in the most convenient way.

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