Bosch CSW41 Circular Saw Review

A powerful worm drive system is perhaps the only tool that is always useful for all contractors or wood workers. And I have realized that when I have started working on my different projects. I have been searching for some lightweight worm drive system, and at last, I have found Bosch CSW41 to be the most helpful tool.

Bosch CSW41

The product, Bosch CSW41 can offer the users a higher level of control at the time of using it. This is quite much more comfortable than the similar other available models. Moreover, there is an integrated saw hook along with the wrench that can carry out the multiple functions. Like other tools, there is also an anti-snag guard in the lower portion in order to make certain the smaller parts, which are to be sliced, are smooth and wonderful.

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Two useful features

The two major features that you can get with this Worm Drive Saw are the tape measure and the best framing mallet. And for this reason, this saw is the best tool for all the carpenters. In most of the areas of any nation, this kind of saw is better than the sidewinder saw because of the durability, power, and better visibility of the cut line.

Weight of the saw

If you do not have the habit of dealing with the heavier tools, then Bosch saw can be the best alternative for you. Bosch CSW41 is very light, in terms of weight so that it can prevent the operators from becoming extremely weary within a short time. As the weight is lighter, there will be less possibility of the wear and tear, occurs on the design. And it will also increase your efficiency. However, in terms of its weight, it ranks second as it follows Skill MAG77 LT. Both these new saws from Skil and Bosch have the right weighs in at 13lb. 1oz. To reduce the weight, the size of the housing components and motor have been cut down by almost 3/8 inches, and this also make the tool much more balanced.

Material of the machine

The foot as well as the motor housing is manufactured with magnesium rather than steel or aluminum like some other models. Some previous models of Bosch have also composite substance, and in fact, the magnesium is quite superb in nature. The foot, made of cast magnesium, is ideal to break down the sheet goods, using some simple track of plywood for precision. There is also bevel with a range from 0 to 53 degree and it is denoted with silver coat and black mark. In addition to it, the cut depth is also marked well for the expediency of the users.

The blade twist is well snuggled into the base beneath the back grip. This also works to pop out the diamonds from blades of the saw.  The back grip is made of plastic and the rubber grip is very soft.  There is also trigger guard, but its lower portion is slightly wider than some other sorts of saws. The trigger stress is, in fact also little heavier.

The integrated blade arbor possesses one clutch, and it lessens the possibilities of the kickbacks. Besides, the adjustment handles are also big enough to do simple tightening and loosening of your bevel as well as cut depth.

Bosch CSW41 Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight device
  • Integrated saw hook
  • Good level of power
  • Carbide blade
  • Item Weight – 25 lbs.
  • Product Size – 20.8 x 7.8 x 8.9 inches
  • Voltage – 127 volts

Customer Reviews

So far, this product has rated 4.9 stars out of 5. This product is really powerful and has quality construction. It’s much easier for the users to cut and drive the too. Let’s check out some customers’ reviews:

  • “I like the blade being on the opposite side. Much easier to see the cut and guide the saw straight.”

  • “This is one of the best built circular saws I have seen. I you are looking for a saw that is light weight however this is not the saw for you. Your best bet would be to buy a side-winder styled saw. The adjustment/locking levers are all metal which is nice so you don’t have to worry about them breaking off”

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This worm drive saw of Bosch is highly recommendable, particularly to those, who have the passion to go for Bosch. The model includes strong magnesium board and best footplate along withal desirable features. In fact, it guarantees reliable use.

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